Holistic Hoofcare

What is it?

As the word Hoofcare suggest, the focus is on looking after the hooves of hooved animals. We are focusing on equine.

Holistic in this context means that we are not just looking at quick fixes for symptoms observed, but rather trying to identify the root problem and then remove that.

For example, a horse could present with poor hoof quality. No matter what trimming, no difference is observed. Looking at it holistically highlights that the horse lives by itself in a small yard with soft ground. This lifestyle does not promote movement and hoof function, and with this nourishment of the soft tissues in the hoof that produce the horn. In this case, a change of lifestyle is adivced.

Another example could be a horse that presents lame on one front foot with swelling in above the fetlock. Symptomatically one would be inclinded to say the swelling in the fetlock is the problem and try to treat this. The holisitc approach would consider other aspects as well. Looking at the hoof reveals a number of deformations to the hoof capsule (e.g. deep collateral grooves, underrun heels, curved coronets). These are likely contributors to cause discomfort in the hoof that the horse compensates for. The compensation stance puts incorrect stresses on the attachment points of the suspensary ligament to the sesamoid bones, where it can cause irritation and swelling. Making the hoof more comfortable would eliminate the fetlock swelling.

Please note, the above are examples only and the exact causation varies from horse to horse.